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Geotextile Heavy Duty Weed Membrane

All our Artificial Grass ranges are made with a black weed resistant backing, however for best results we recommend that you also install a weed membrane to ensure maximum protection from weeds or foliage that may grow beneath your artificial grass.

This weed membrane can be installed loose laid or directly on top of a prepared sand or soil base.

This heavy duty membrane is 4.5m wide and is sold in 1m lengths

Product Specifications

Colour: White
Size: 4.5m (W) x Your chosen Length (L)
Recyclable: 100%

Benefits of installing a weed membrane

Adds a double weed protection layer
Easy to install
Prevent weed growth within gaps
Pourous so allows surface water to drain
Perfect for soil or sand bases


1m x 4.5m, 2m x 4.5m, 3m x 4.5m, 4m x 4.5m, 5m x 4.5m, 6m x 4.5m, 7m x 4.5m, 8m x 4.5m, 9m x 4.5m, 10m x 4.5m, 11m x 4.5m, 12m x 4.5m, 15m x 4.5m, 20m x 4.5m

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